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Our Mission

Passing the Torch of Leadership.

Leadership development is an intentional effort to build the capacity to lead effectively. While the purpose of leadership development is to equip persons to lead within the congregation, an added value is often that it strengthens people’s leadership skills in other areas of their lives.

Personal Awareness

Demonstrating self-confidence. Living one’s values and vision. Managing emotions; interacting authentically. Understanding the needs and concerns of others, emotional cues, feeling comfortable socially, and recognizing group dynamics.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Understanding different styles of giving and receiving information. Being able to communicate across different communication styles. Developing the ability to listen deeply. Learning to speak in ways aligned with values. How to develop/nurture good relationships.

Organizational Sensibilities

Basic skills to keep small and large groups running smoothly, effectively and with fiscal responsibility. How to empower others. Identifying delegative, supportive, coaching and directing skills. Mission-focused. Giving/receiving help.

Our Design Team

Diane Buckley

Diame Buckley, M.Ed.

Post-university Diane joined the Peace Corps and spent three years in South America training women to be leaders in their communities. Diane moved to Fort Myers in 1992 with her husband Neil Yesu, a retired educator. They joined UUCFM that same year and found a spiritual home. Currently she is on the UUCFM Board of Trustees and she volunteers as a Pastoral Care Associate with the Caring Network.

Don Ehat

Don Ehat, Ed.D.

In retirement I have focused my energy on family, and service to this Church. I am the father of three girls and one son and grandpa to seven grandchildren. At the church I have served as President of the Congregation , member of the RE Board, Coordinator of the Humanist Forum, Member of the building and Grounds Committee , Supported The interfaith, LIFE Program and continue as one of the auxiliary volunteer groundskeepers for the church’s 10 acre campus and Eco Preserve.

Walt Ittenbach

Walt Ittenbach

Walt and his wife Simone, also recently retired from the Lee County School District after 20 years as an Information Specialist discovered UUCFM six years ago with intermittent visits. After retirement they became full time UUCFM members in 2014. Walt currently serves as Chair of the Building and Grounds team and is honored to be a member of the UUCFM Leadership Development Design team. He and Simone have two children and three grandchildren.

Bill Petrarca

Bill Petrarca

My wife Jane and I recently joined the church. As I turn to a new page of my life--retirement, I look backward ever so briefly, yet with profound gratitude, and bring my focus to the joys of today. I enjoy participating in the Humanist Forum, Meditation Class, the Men's Group and other enlightening activities.

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