• We are benefiting from the vision and generosity of our founders with our many spiritual, social justice, religious education, and outreach programs as well as our unique 14-acre campus and Eco-Preserve grounds. Our varied programs and campus are tremendous assets for our congregation and the community. We have a challenging responsibility to maintain our diverse programs and welcoming campus in the same or better condition than what our father’s generation afforded us. To do so we need member support in the form of financial and volunteer contributions.
  • Below is a partial list of some of the activities you might consider volunteering to do. Pick one or two that your skills and experience might make doing easy and fun! Your engagement in our congregation is the only way we can fulfill our mission: “Inspired by love, we transform ourselves and serve others.”
  • Click those activities that you may have interest in, add your name, email and phone number, then
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  • Thank you! The respective congregation member(s) will follow-up with you.
#01 For 1 month, help ushers organize the music books & materials in pew racks before service.
#02 Spend 1 hour after Sunday coffee hour to help Kitchen volunteers to clean up for 1 month.
#03 Spend 1 Sunday a month helping in the nursery during and after services for 1 month.
#04 Volunteer 1 day a week for 2 hours answering phones for 1 month.
#05 Address cards for the Caring Network for 1 evening per month.
#06 Be an usher for the Sunday service 1 Sunday a month.
#07 Bring a dish to Community Wednesdays or on Sundays.
#08 Volunteer to be involved with the Justice Ministry Network as part of our congregation’s participation in Lee Interfaith for Empowerment (LIFE).
#09 Volunteer to help for 1 month with the S. Fort Myers Food Pantry.
#10 Donate an item or volunteer 1 day per week for 1 month with the UUCFM GRACE Project serving farm workers and indigenous families in SW FL and in Guatemala.
#11 "Adopt" an area for 1 month: e.g. screen porch or the sitting areas in front of Hobart Hall - clean tables, remove litter.
Work with the Grounds crew for 2 hours doing 1 of the following:
#12 ... edge sidewalks/parking lot.
#13 ... backpack blow sidewalks & parking lot.
#14 ... trim quadrangle, sanctuary, Hobart Hall, playground, parking blocks, tree rings.
#15 ... trim hedges.
#16 ... weed flower/shrub beds.
#17 ... plant ornamental flowers in beds.
#18 ... harvest starts/sow seeds for ornamental plantings.
#19 ... harvest/pot cuttings for plant/shrubs.
#20 ... mulch beds.
#21 ... pick-up trash along Shire Lane on approach to church.
. . . end of Grounds tasks . . .      
#22 Give a few hours to set-up, usher, and clean-up at a concert hosted at UUCFM.
#23 Give a few hours to help file music in the music library.
#24 Give 1-2 hours every month at music committee meetings.
#25 Give 4 hrs/week to sing in the choir.
#26 Give a few hours/week to play in the band.
#27 Organize a workshop on a topic you have an interest.
#30 Trim garden beds 1 Saturday.
#31 Take 2 hours to weed community gardens.
#32 Come-out for 2 hours to garden co-op beds.
#33 Work on the HEP newsletter.
#34 Volunteer for a HEP project.
#35 Take 2 hours to weed garden aisles.
#41 Help out in the kitchen 1 Sunday.
#51 Help in the Library 1 Sunday
#61 Help out with IT support.
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