We understand that many of our members have busy lives, filled with urgent demands on their time. We have created this "Commitment Portal" as a convenient confidential way for members to pledge/re-new their Stewardship Commitment to our faith community. Please take a few moments to complete this form and to add your comments and feedback in the spaces below.
  • Thank You! for the continuing support you bring to UUCFM, at any level, and for being a unique source of light in our bright future.
  • Our congregation's responses to our Appreciative Inquiry sessions consistently mentioned more ways in which we can further meet our Mission and Vision. To honor your recommendations, we have re-focused our efforts to noticeably improve our programming and community engagement activities while continuing to maintain the integrity and currency of our Church plant.
  • Through your re-doubled engagement and proportional commitments to our efforts together, we can all make a difference in this community, for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.
  • By signing-up as a continuous, recurring pledge, you will join our UUCFM continuous "Circle" helping us be more effective in our financial management of the church. Doing so will make all of our responsibilities easier, enabling us to do more as a congregation. Additionally, as a Circle option, you may also instruct us to adjust your pledge each April by the Cost Of Living Adjustment (as defined by the Social Security Administration). If that option doesn't work for your household, check the COLA opt out box below.
  • Any questions? Call 239.561.2700 or email OfficeManager@UUCFM.org
  • Click submit when you are finished.
  • Thank you! If necessary, the head of our Membership Committee may follow-up with you.
  • UUCFM is a tax-exempt organization under section 501-c3.
Online Stewardship Commitment
I/We pledge $ .00 for the coming fiscal year (Apr-Mar). Option:
            YES, I/we wish to join the Circle; budget my pledge on a recurring basis (adjusting my amount each April based on Social Security Admin's Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA)) until I/we tell you otherwise. (We won't bother you each year.)
            I/We join the Circle of continuous giving but wish to OPT OUT of the annual COLA adjustment.
I/We would like to have my/our pledge automatically deducted from a bank account. (The Church will contact you with details.)
I have included UUCFM in my/our will(s) or estate plans.
Please send me information about including UUCFM in my/our will(s) or estate plans.
NOTE: If you are over 70, you may be able to use your IRA Minimum Required Distributions tax-free for your pledge. Contact your financial advisor for details.
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